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Orochimaru he has too many tricks, sasory was defeated by his granny and sakura, orochimaru probably already knows of sasori s techniques and orochimaru has a way out of things get tough manda but honestly orochimaru isnt is kind of a dirty. In all cases, i feel like sasori deidara would be hardpressed to get any solid hits in, since alicemarisas danmaku skills would make them exceptionally good at dodging. I mean, zabuza and haku ultimately got defeated by three brand new genin in naruto, sasuke and sakura and sakura didnt fight cause shes annoying. If were talking base wa naruto after kurama started cooperating, this dude can probably create well over 300 shadow clones and could therefore win all the matchups im about to go through with relative ease. Sasori s battle style is a pretty hard counter to kisame, he isnt very fast in comparison doesnt have tons of brute strength, and isnt extremely familiar with the puppet style. The wildhaired ninjas been away, so the new bad guys may not know how mad. Naruto nodded as he brought out a citron yellow book that read the tales of the utterly gutsy. Who would win, zabuza and haku or sasori and deidara. Kmc forums itachi, deidara, and kakuzu vs sasori, hidan. Although he embraces the organization, deidara is upset with sharingan itachi and. Shoot, even if sasori uses it purely defensively quite likely considering hell want to avoid deidara s explosives i dunno how jiraiya is going to effectively attack sasori even if he knew about the core.

An explosion will create any number of emotions in the people it affects, as would an ageless puppet. Nagato vs deidara, sasori and kakuzu naruto forums. Espada thread, here we have the other major group from the big three. Im not sure if the combined odds are such that it tips in the duos favor. Who do you think is stronger deidara and sasori or kakuzu and hidan. Sasori died after elder chiyo the old sand ninja lady who helped sakura uses sasori s puppets called mom and dad to stab him through the heart with 2 blades when hugging him. Jun 16, 2008 sasori died way before deidara, but sadly they both died. The wildhaired ninjas been away, so the new bad guys may not know how mad his. Sasori wins mid high diff kakuzu still bleeds right. Sasori, even when going a little easy, had a tough time against chiyo and sakura, deidara s feats are vastly superior, he would have killed team guy, kakashi and naruto w the suicide clone bomb had kakashi not used kamui on the explosion, he beat gaara while holding back, he oneshot the sanbi, matched hebi sasuke even though sasuke was the. Hidan claims to be the slowest in the akatsuki and he at least briefly fought kakashi. In a way, deidara and sasori are both master artists, especially given how they react to each others art.

Sasori was definitely jobbing vs chiyo and sakura when he didnt just spam that bullet attack or the branching thing. Deidara and kankuro talk for a bit, deidara tells him they theyll win. I dont think all of them were even aware that sasori was within a puppet hiruko, plus the thing with tobi for example. Sakura may not be the strongest character in all of naruto but she. A former terrorist bomber for hire, deidara is forced to join akatsuki. If reiatsu and chakra are the same, he would force grimmjow to the ground with sheer chakra power.

Deidara and sasori vs orochimaru and kakuzu naruto forums. Deidara can solo with a couple of jutsu in his arsenal. The 12 greatest akatsuki fights in naruto shippuden ranker. Again, jman is op but the akatsuki is just too tricky without sage mode or prior knowledge. Team 10 and orochimarus forces do battle, though their progress is slow in either. If its a stomp for the akatsuki, switch raditz with nappa.

The gaara retrieval arc is all about deidara, sasori, and gaara. May 10, 2012 sai intercepts this new member by falling on him and bashing him on the rocks below. Hoping to learn more about sai, the konoha team decides to look at his picture book. Suddenly became part of the akatsuki itachi, deidara, sasori. Art delos santos, too many books and sporadic bouts of college education. How to draw sasori chibi and deidaradeidara and sasori are antagonists from the naruto series. Deidara vs nnoitra gilga nnoitra is stronger, faster, and more durable than deidara. Oct 10, 2018 au historical fantasy the peaceful city of akatsuki is taken over by hostile forces when the country of amegakure is invaded. Deidara, kakuzu, sasori, konan, zetsu, hidan to make this easier, ill exclude the last three otherwise there would be over 30 combinations of teams. Kankuro owns sasori puppet sais brother, shin appears. Deidara and sasori vs seilah and kyouka vs battles wiki. Sasori vs deidara orochimaru vs tsunada pein vs jiraya itachi vs sasori pein vs the whole akatsuki sasuke vs naruto neji vs gara. Sasori and deidara naruto find images and videos about naruto, shippuden and akatsuki on we heart it the app to get lost in what you love.

Ever since then he had been unconscious in his room. With the exception of deidara s c4 attack, i dont think either sasori or deidara can bring to bear enough individual vectors of attack. I got the vibe that nobody had seen deidara s c4 and lived before that fight with sasuke. Because i dont see sasori being able to win or even survive, kisame has overwhelming levels of p.

A mysterious person stands up from the rocks, the person who sai intercepted. Kankuro notices that sasori is also there because he is controlling tokuma and ranka. Though poised to win his match, shikamaru forfeits instead due to the amount of energy. But if deidara use a strategy and get rid of the lightening users heart first then he ca. Im not sure how well the water barriers would work vs the poisoned iron sand.

Bingo, deidara s inner thoughts pumped his fists and squealed excitedly. Sasori vs lust well, if lusts nails were able to cut through the chakra strings, then shed probably stand a good chance, but if not, sasori. But as he is an impulsive moron bigger than naruto, so he wont. Sasori is also only a bit younger than jiraiya iirc so he should definitely know his reputation.

Aaroniero the two weakest members of both groups duke it so everybody can laugh at them. Bunta is also way too fast for deidaras missile attacks. Naruto shippuden kankuro,sai and omoi vs deidara and sasori. They already know how dangerous orochimaru is and jiraiya is his fellow sannin. Ultimate ninja storm 2 in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the internet.

Naruto storm 4 dublado ptbr sasori, deidara e itachi vs chiyo e sakura duration. He was a rogue ninja from the village hidden in the stones and a member of the akatsuki. But if deidara use a strategy and get rid of the lightening users heart first then he can win easily. Id say deidara and sasori should win without much trouble. If they are built the way humans in naruto are, sasori solos lowdif, and if they are not, then kyoukas curse will instako deidara, but sasoir. Deidara is forced to face the more agonizing side of his art when he is informed of sasori s death after the extraction of the one tailed beast. I love hinata but i know sakura did a few amazing things. It contains the information necessary for you to have an easier experience here. The combined might of akatsuki was so strong that they might have been able. Mar, 2020 deidara had a very arrogant personality and he was always quarreling with sasori about whose art is superior. Deidara being airborne,nagato goes asura and lauches missiles.

Deidara treats him as his master because of his great artistic expertise. Do you agree with deidara or sasoris opinion about art. Itachis susanoo and amaterasu techniques are a massive gamechanger that could win him the battle, especially if he chooses to use them early on. If its a stomp for raditz, add orochimaru and tobiobito to the akatsuki side. The puppeteer growled angrily at deidara while he snickered at his jealous partner and pulled out his tongue. Deidara and sasori edo tensei by deidaraedo on deviantart. Szayel aporro the theme here is weird body modifications and poison. Sasori wins through hype but honestly deidara was way more impressive through showings. Suddenly became part of the akatsuki itachi, deidara. He was bed ridden after being poisoned on a mission. In terms of power according to me deidara is more powerful than kakuzu. Even assuming deidara didnt know to aim for kakuzus masks. Some people hate when naruto does this they call it talk no jutsu and feel like it. Deidara brings flight and as we saw in the fourth shinobi war the two working together like to have sasori ride around on the clay bird too.

Deidara vs sasori commission by spadesryou on deviantart. What would happen if deidara and sasori got a bit overboard about the artistic things and they actually fought. Itachi, deidara, and kakuzu vs sasori, hidan, and kisame itachi sharingan user, can use mangekyuo sharingan deidara clay artist, can make snakes come out of the palms of his hand. For some reason my dumbass imagined the next death battle was iron man vs saitama in a dream last nightidk, maybe it was because of genos vs warmachine. Later, kakashis ninja dogs track down the akatsukis whereabouts. And dont underestimate sai remember, give reasons for your answer previous whatif fight results. Kankuro,sai and omoi vs deidara and sasori youtube. Jan 07, 2012 depends on the situation and at what stage in shipuuden. The comics, manga, books, side series, guidebook, and interviews and. Dec 31, 2008 sasuke sarada sakura as a familly funniest moments compilation duration.

May 14, 2010 the next whatif question these 2 arty type ninjas facing off, who would win. Deidara is cocky, but takes orders and listens to sasori. In ft, fire doesnt burn, ice doesnt give frostbite, swords dont penetrate the skin etc. As in that thread, there will be several match ups among the individual members match one. Then, without 100 puppets it would be 6 vs 2, so, the four hearts attack deidara while kakuzu and hidan kills sasori, then 6 vs 2. If so, then this is the second time ive had a dream make an iota of sense, thus making it a bit weirder. Jan 30, 2019 itachi, hidan, deidara and sasorihanyuu wow, itachi is pretty tall akatsuki rule the older you get the smaller you are lol that only applies to sasori read chapter introductions from the story akatsuki.

Steal my girl deidara x reader x sasori, a naruto fanfic. There, deidara was partnered with sasori until the latters death, and later with tobi before his own death. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The madara vs aizen thread made me think back to the heyday of the big three and i dont think we ever had a proper fight between these two groups so here we go. Read story art is a deidara x sasori fanfic yaoi by shadowdeidaralover lucifer with 6,956 reads.

When deidara and sasori were sent to the hidden sand, gaara put a strong fight to fend them off. Sword vs ranger if deidara doesnt get close and keep on flying on his bird, and nnoitra keeps dodging the explosions, i think it would be a tie. Naruto storm 4 dublado ptbr kushina vs minato duration. If father were in that younger form, who knows, but id guess tobimadara. Deidara with c4 and everything vs orochimaru with regeneration and edo tensei sasori with poison puppets and third kazekage vs orochimaru with regeneration and edo tensei sasori with poison puppets and third kazekage vs deidara with c4 and all techniques note. Sasori and deidara would most likely take it in my opinion. As naruto was a battle manga, it made sense for characters to face each.

So, well, 6 are too much for deidara to control, so the only way out for deidara is to do his selfdestruction bomb, so, it kills team 1 but he commit suicide so. Even if those feelings are fear, revulsion, anger, sorrow, etc. Dear readerz, as you can see, this is the first time i wrote a reader book, so sorry if its short and terrible. Sasori was one of the members of the akatsuki, and an sranked. Paper vs rock deidara is earth attribute the age old battle. Like all members of the akatsuki, deidara wears a black robe with red cloud markings on the. Who would win, deidara pre akatsuki vs sasori main body. Deidara and sasori, these pain are so funny sassy and deidei the artist duo deidara and sasori, naruto shippuden see more.

People seem to forget how konan operates, she studied every person in the akatsuki and because of her studious ways she nearly killed obito, she also defeated sasori quite handily. Jinbe the most obvious match up, its the battle of the shark bois. He really never saw it coming considering sasori was kind of distracted with sakura at the time. Shippuden deidara already stated that sasori was stronger than him. Deidara cant possibly face up against both of them as his chakra and clay are both limited not to say that orochimaru and kakuzu arent, but their stamina just seems massive and he would be forced to retreat or use his suicide bomb, which i dont think kakuzu would let him get off and quickly. This leaves him with a hollow victory and an empty reality where he is alone with his truth. After defecting from the village, he was forced into akatsuki and was its youngest member.

Just use that sand bullet attack like twice in a row and hed have won vs. Apr 08, 2019 suddenly became part of the akatsuki itachi, deidara, sasori. He served as one of the two main antagonist in the kazekage rescue arc, a supporting antagonist in the threetails appearance arc and the main antagonist in the itachi pursuit mission arc. Naruto10 minutes of sasori and deidara episodes used in this video deidara and sasori attacks a village. However, he had a very good reason to be arrogant and that was his battle prowess. Deidara was beaten by sasuke, who was noticeably weaker than itachi. Databook kek stats his speed above kisame and kazuku equal to deidara. Against such an opponent, there is little that konan can do to win. Who would win in a fight between kcm naruto and kisame. Sasori is a bit harder to place in this context, but he too is weaker than itachi. The episodes for the twentieth season of the anime series naruto.

Suddenly became part of the akatsuki itachi, deidara, sasori, x reader chapter 30. If this is set after deidara vs sasuke then its 0 chance for deidara to win as she now knows about his techs he used in that fight. During his time in the village, he was a member of the explosion corps. Here are my random little thoughts of naruto i have. Fair use is a use permitted by statute that might otherwise be. While sasori releases the thirds secret technique, naruto and kakashi. A battle in naruto shippuden of deidara and sasori against kakuzu and hidan. Ultimate ninja storm 2 on the playstation 3, a gamefaqs message board topic titled sasori and deidara vs. Sasori is the key factor for the team to win and he has to use long range assaults with multiple puppets and iron sand. Suddenly, what they once had is now a luxury, but their will to survive burns strong beneath newfound oppression.

Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for naruto shippuden. If you give sasori enough time to gather is, he can tank it and outlast konan. Nagato vs obito both with rinnegan kisame vs mizukage mei naruto vs sasuke kakuzu vs deidara hidan vs sasori konan vs tsunade kabuto vs orochimaru 4th hokage vs gaara,temari, and kankuro. Deidara was a villain in the anime and manga series naruto. Pain konan itachi kisame hidan kakuzu deidara sasori. Hinata she does have the byakugan and the gentle fist techniques can be very powerful if used correctly, ino would put up a fight though. Naruto erased the nine tails hatred, nine tails gives naruto power, naruto vs five tailed beast duration. Itachi uchihas life in the leaf village and his early days in the akatsuki.

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